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Added 18/05/2018

Clutch, Gearbox and Brake Drum for sale

Sunbeam 6 spring clutch - needs new corks also 
Gear Box
4 speed gearbox with 2 pc mainshaft This gearbox has no number{!} stamped on it - it might be an AU or earlier AW? 

Brake Drum
Sunbeam rear brake drum SM606/606 shoes and springs
For more details and prices please contact 
Michael Jennings
Telephone 01803 401517



Added 22/04/2018

A/ C-151/2 - Sunbeam 20" front wheel/ brake £185,

Front mudguard £75 both in good condition.

B/ The Sunbeam Motorcycle by Bob Cordon Champ ISBN 0-85429-258-6 as new £23 incl p&p.

C/ 116 qty pre-war, vintage sidecar to bike fittings clamps , tubes etc, £135 as a lot

Call Bruce Harrison on 01902 884 224 or 07794 384 693 West Midlands, .


Added 28/04/2017

Sunbeam Brakeblocks. They are suitable for both Gents and Ladies Sunbeam cycles made between 1900-1930's Price for a full set of four is £45.00 If people require just a pair of fronts or tears only, then the price is £25.00 P&P is £3.00, cheques made payable to : Mrs D Pinkerton. Send your order to Mrs D Pinkerton, 522 Holly Lane, Erdington, Birmingham, B24-9LY. Any questions please call; 07778-429-313


Added 27/03/2015

Following the recent production of forged pistons for Model 9 and Model 90 OHV 500cc models I would like to gauge interest in production of a small batch of pistons suitable for post-1927 Longstroke SV 500cc models. Based on experience gathered from the OHV piston project, it is intended that the 77mm piston will be available in both +0.000" and +0.040" over-sizes. This will cater for cylinders that can be re-bored and those that have been re-lined. The pistons may also be used for earlier machines but, due to differences in specification, they will required some additional engineering work.

It would be much appreciated if you could register any interest by letting me know your requirements either by email or phone.

Sean Kelly
email : 
phone : +44(0) 7803 669862


Added 14/11/2014

AT Gearbox Internals

"AT" Gearbox internals, removed on conversion to constant mesh by Hugh Mcallister, who says they are the best he has seen.

Layshaft 15/20/25 Teeth £120
Main Shaft £60
Sliding Pinion 20/25 Teeth £60
Or £225 the lot

Please contact John Sellars 01723 381810

Added 19/06/2014

For sale, Crank cases, side valve, J numbered in very good condition £120 plus pp Please phone 07970221341 or 01233811557

Exchange, Mag chain cover with model 9 600cc on for the same cover with model 90 on. Please phone 07970221341 or 01233811557 (Scarborough)

Added 24/04/2014

Cylinder head casting with plug insert for Lion 600 1935 - 39. It just needs the face machining. This is the later alloy head and will not fit on the pre-1935 models (so it is no good for my 1934 machine!). Please contact Ken Fisher or 07982 134991.

Added 23/04/2014

New Model 9 pistons

3 x 7.5 : 1 CR +0.020 Model 90
7 x 7.5 : 1 CR +0.040 Model 90
Due in 4 weeks
6 x 6.5 : 1 CR +0.020 Model 9
4 x 6.5 : 1 CR +0.040 Model 9
Price of the pistons is £195 including rings, pin and clips.


Please note: The compression ratio is quite approximate due to variations in cylinders / heads on actual bikes.

Click here for a spec sheet for the 7.5 pistons spec for the 6.5 pistons will arrive shortly.

Contact : Sean Kelly +44 (0) 7803 669862 for further information

Added 20/01/2014

New Model 90 forged pistons


Forged Piston has a 7.5 : 1 CR

441281, 7.5 : 1 CR, +0.020" 4 in stock, £195 including rings, pin and clips, excluding p&p

441282, 7.5 : 1 CR, +0.040" 7 in stock, £195 including rings, pin and clips, excluding p&p

Price is £195 including rings, pin and clips, excluding p&p

Contact : Sean Kelly +44 (0) 7803 669862 for further information


Added 16th December 2013

Twinport head 500 cc. approx. 1935 (see pics) for exchange to a twinport head 500 cc. from 1927-1931.
All threads are good, no rips.  Please contact Carsten Conrads






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