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Gear sets for Sunbeams

Chris Odling has commissioned  new gear sets for Sunbeams. These are for the narrow and wide sliding pinion gearboxes. There will be BT and CT ratios manufactured. All those interested in a set please contact Chris to place an order. Delivery dates will be announced shortly. It is envisaged that a deposit will be required near the point of completion and following receipt of the gear sets I will ask for the remainder and deliver them. Final cost of a gear set is not written in stone as yet, but expect around £490.00

 The gear sets are for sliding pinion gearboxes fitted to all models, except Model 7 and Model 10, from 1921 to 1931.

The number of gear sets presently ordered is 20, of which a few are already allocated. This number can be increased according to interest.

After the sets have been made I envisage a few spares i.e. sliding pinions and lay shafts.

Contact: Chris Odling

Tel: 01852 300191


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Reference No

Description - S2 - New/Old Stock

S2-1 Speedo gear set for front wheel 54t 22
S2-2 Gearbox bearing RLS 7 9

Reference No

Description - S3 - Used Stock

Ask For Price

S3-1 Old Fork Spindlers(scrap patterns only)  
S3-2 Top Fork Links  
S3-3 Cush drive carrier Springs Assorted   
S3-4 1932 On 20 Tooth Engine Sprocket  
S3-5 Side Valve Spring Covers 2valve set 4 pcs
S3-6 Gear Box OutPut Cogs  
S3-7 Wheel Spindles Front Used  
S3-8 Gear Box Main Shafts  
S3-9 Flat Nuts Gear Box  
S3-10 Engine Sprocket Carrier Removal Tools  
S3-11 Mags 1 Lucas 1 Bth
S3-12 Early Inner Timing Cover
S3-13 Points Plates  
S3-14 Ferrodo 6 Spring Clutch Plats worn  
S3-15  Single Spring Clutch No Cork Plates  
S3-16 Dummy Belt Rim Brake Blocks  
S3-17 Gear Box Filler Necks  
S3-18 Sets Single Port Rear Stand Castings
S3-19 Used Cast Iron Piston  
S3-20 Assort Used Bushes/Rings G/Box studs  
S3-21 Late 30's Oil Tank Plumstead Model
S3-22 Assorted Used Valves & Guides  
S3-23 Inner Primary Chain case B29 Burm Box  
S3-24 Side-Car Fork Links Lower pr  
S3-25 Burman G/Box Shell Bap  
S3-26 Push Rod Tubes  
S3-27 B & L Sight Glass Drip Feed
S3-28 Assorted Con Rods  
S3-29 Assorted Narrow Inlet Cami  
S3-30 Assorted Used Cam Followers   
S3-31 Used 500cc Pistons 
S3-32 B30 Crank Cases pr
S3-33 193 Petrol Tank Instrument Type needs work
S3-34 Parts of Best & Lloyde Drip Feeds
S3-35 Used Cush Drive Carriers   
S3-36 21 Tooth M8 & S/V Engine Sprocket Pre 1932
S3-37 Old Levers  
S3-38 Stand Bolts?  
S3-39 Stay Nuts  
S3-40 Used Valve S/V Collars  
S3-41 Blackburn Fir Cone Spanner
S3-42 Tin Assorted Used Parts  
S3-43 9A 600 Barrel & +60 New Pistons
S3-44 Geo Dance Grips + Mounting Plates Nos pr
S3-45 Early Front Engine Plates Flat Tankers Ask  
S3-46 Single Spring Clutch Parts   
S3-47  Pre 1930 Brake Adjuster Screws  
S3-48 Blister Oil Pump Outer Timing Cover
S3-49 Timing Cover Inner & Outer
S3-50 85mm Cast Iron Piston
S3-51 Petrol tank - saddle c 1929 soldered
S3-52 Petrol tank - flat - veteran
S3-53 Petrol tank - flat - veteran
S3-54 Petrol tank - flat - vintage
S3-55 Petrol tank - flat - vintage
S3-56 Crankcase halves/pair M8 --- 8.503.1.565
S3-57 Cylinder head c 1936 M8  
S3-58 Cylinder head c 1936 M8 series 2 incl valves etc  
S3-59  c 1936 M8 + flywheels rocker etc  
S3-60 Cylinder head c 1936 M8 + mag chain cover  
S3-61 Flywheels pair 350cc
S3-62 Primary chaincase rear c 1925
S3-63 Primary chaincase front & rear mid 30's
S3-64 Primary chaincase front mid 30's
S3-65 Pillion seat frame
S3-66 Seat frame Brooks supple seat, complete (Out of Stock)
S3-67 front Fork blades post 1937
S3-68 Cyl Barrel blind 1916 - 18 , 500cc needs weld repair
S3-69 Flywheel set M8
S3-70 Cyl barrel blind , 600 cc
S3-71 Cyl barrel M8
S3-72 Burman Gearbox - parts missing
S3-73 Burman Gearbox - parts missing
S3-74 Burman gearbox shells
S3-75 Burman gearbox covers 
S3-78 box of astt'd bolts
S3-79 Lucas magdyno LC1 less dynamo
S3-80 BTH mag incomplete
S3-81 Lucas magdyno incomplete 
S3-82 Box asst'd carbs/parts  
S3-83 Box asst'd brake shoes  
S3-84 Box asst'd hbar levers  
S3-85 Oil lines various  
S3-86 springs, - seat, fork & sim  
S3-87 Box footrest and mudguard stays  
S3-88 Burman gearbox complete with clutch BAPH or CP
S3-89 Various rack gearbox spares  
S3-90 Various 3 spd gearbox spares - poor condition  
S3-91 Lucas no44 Carbide Generator
S3-92 Headlamp carbide type various  



Key to groups:



ama = Amac/Amal, brk = brakes, con = control, ele = electrics, enb = engine bottom end, ent = engine top end

fks = forks, frm = frame, gbx = gearbox, lub = lubrication (inc oil pump), os = odds & sods, tnk = tanks, trn = transmission , whe = wheels



Part Number

Description (Ask For Price)

ama 3 s3-130 amac lefthand single levers 
brk 1 s3-116 1920's rear brake drum sprocket complete with bearings  3 1/2 H P 
brk 1 s3-117 1925/6 rear brake plate and shoes 6" 
brk 1 s3-118 1926 rear brake plate complete shoes cam and brake arm 
brk 1 s3-119 1927 front brake plate  needs attention  re fixing arm 
brk 2 s3-127 6" rear brake drum/ sprocket 1 good 1 hooked  early 
brk 1 s3-128 7" rear brake plate shoes and cam 
brk 1 s3-157 front brake cam  key type 
brk 1 s3-184 new re-manufactured 1926 brakedrum sprocket and hub with modern bearings 7" 
brk 1 s3-201 pair cast iron shoes to suit the above 
brk 1 s3-218 rear brake plate new linnings  cam and operating arm
con 12 s3-111  new thackeray washers
con 1 s3-138 chromed clevis joint 
con 1 s3-143 domed gear lever /tank bolt used
con 4 s3-150 flat tank gates 3 speed 
con 1 s3-151 flat tank gear change bolt  plated
con 1 s3-155 foot brake lever short 
con 1 s3-159 gear change rod incomplete
con 1 s3-169 lSOLD
con 1 s3-170 locking ring for above
con 1 s3-179 new casting for rearset  brake lever 
con 5 s3-217 rear brake levers 
con 1 s3-221 right hand bowden lever 
con 1 s3-224 saddle tank 3 speed gate small
ele 1 s3-239 timing lock screw for mag pinion 
ele 1 s3-240 tin box magneto parts [M L ] 
enb 2 s3-114  quills for feeding oil onto slotted big ends via front crankcase joint
enb 6 s3-141 crankcase  / barrel bolts 
enb 1 s3-146 engine breather disc and spring missing
enb 2 s3-147 exhaust cams  60/30  ? Teeth worn 
enb 2 s3-148 exhaust cams chipped teeth 
enb 1 s3-149 exhaust follower
enb 2 s3-152 followers tappets 
enb 2 s3-153 followers tappets and guides for above 
enb 2 s3-154 followers tappets N.O.S.
enb 1 s3-163 half of crank case 1923/ 25 drive side  s v 
enb 1 s3-164 inlet cam chipped tooth 
enb 2 s3-171 long 1/4 " crankcase bolts 
enb 3 s3-172 long stroke conrods  one with roller cage 
enb 1 s3-177 narrow exhaust cam 
enb 1 s3-178 narrow inlet cam
enb 1 s3-186 new taper half time pinion
enb 1 s3-203 pair of timing covers inner / outer [ buggered] 
enb 1 s3-206 pair S V crankcases
enb 3 s3-207 pairs cam followers tappets
enb 4 s3-208 pairs narrow followers
enb 8 s3-222 rusty barrel studs 
enb 1 s3-226 set cams   narrow  half time pinion [tapered] 
enb 1 s3-227 set cams  followers narrow  half time pinion [tapered] 
enb 4 s3-237 square headed drain bolts 
enb 1 s3-238 tell tail plunger part  brass bit 
enb 1 s3-243 valve lifter arm and cam
ent 2 s3-100  1926/7 slotted big end conrods 
ent 1 s3-101  1926-7 rockers  pair 
ent 1 s3-110  N.O.S. hairpin valve guide 
ent 2 s3-115 1/2  sets of S.V.bottom valve spring retainers  
ent 6 s3-131 assorted inlet stubs 
ent 2 s3-165 inlet stubs 
ent 2 s3-175 N.O.S. model 9 500 cc +40 pistons 3 
ent 4 s3-183 new parallel 9 rockerbox head bolts 
ent 4 s3-188 off =  1 set barrel studs
ent 2 s3-190 ohv valve spring collars bottom
ent 2 s3-191 ohv valve spring collars top 
ent 1 s3-202 pair N.O.S.mod 9 valve guides 
ent 1 s3-204 pair pushrods 1925/6 
ent 1 s3-205 pair rockers 1925/6 
ent 5 s3-209 pairs O.H.V. terrys valve springs mod 8 + 9 
ent 4 s3-210 parallel head bolts 
ent 5 s3-211 parallel headbolts 
ent 5 s3-213 pushrods 
ent 3 s3-231 sets  O.H.V. valve spring collars 
ent 1 s3-242 used mod9 piston + 30 
ent 4 s3-244 well worn exhaust pipe nuts 
fks 1 s3-142 damper knob 
fks 1 s3-187 odd pair druid fork springs 5" different lengths 
frm 1 s3-125 350 cc pedestal head bolt and stud
frm s3-132 assorted used old front number plates 
frm 2 s3-145 engine bolts 
frm 2 s3-156 footrest rods  used
frm 1 s3-158 front wheel stand 
frm 1 s3-180 new casting for timing side footrest 
frm 2 s3-181 new front stand bolts 
frm 1 s3-200 pair 1930's pillion foot rests   1 damaged
frm 1 s3-223 saddle clamp bolt 
frm 1 s3-230 set flat tank engine plates painted ready to fit 
gbx 2 s3-106  A T gear clusters [3 cogs ] 
gbx 16 s3-107  assorted  for above some worn (worn divided axle spindles )
gbx 1 s3-122 24 tooth  B T layshaft good 
gbx 3 s3-123 24 tooth B T  output drive gearbox cogs 
gbx 1 s3-129 A T gear cluster [3 cogs ] with main shaft 
gbx 1 s3-134 bare gearbox mainshaft single spring type  with clutch carrier [2-4-2 ] kick start ratchet spring an
gbx 3 s3-135 bare gearbox mainshafts single spring type 
gbx 2 s3-136 bare gearbox mainshafts single spring type  with plate carriers [2-4-2 ] 
gbx 4 s3-144 early sliding pinion g box shells 
gbx 1 s3-160 gearbox cluster B.T. ratio narrow box 
gbx 1 s3-161 gearbox end plate 
gbx 3 s3-162 gearbox shells  no damage
gbx 1 s3-168 knackered sliding pinion
gbx 2 s3-173 main shaft s/a carriers
gbx 1 s3-198 output gear 
gbx 1 s3-219 SOLD
gbx 1 s3-225 set  A.T . Ratio gears some wear 
gbx 2 s3-236 single spring main shaft 
lub 1 s3-120 1929 on oil pump outer cover and 2 gears 
lub 1 s3-124 3 position oil metering tap 
lub 1 s3-126 3position oil metering oil tap 
lub 1 s3-133 back plate and body 1926 oil pump incomplete 
lub 1 s3-185 new rotherham grease feed
lub 1 s3-197 old rotherham grease feed 
lub 2 s3-220 right angle grease nipples 
lub 4 s3-241 tiny oil feed cups  fit clutch bridge 
os 1 s3-112  number 1 Sunbeam spanner 
os 10 s3-113  off assorted cable spring clips 
os 3 s3-195 old exhaust pipes [ for patterns ] 
os 3 s3-196 old foot rest rubbers 
os s3-214 qty  tank rubber mounting plates  patterns 
os s3-216 quantity assorted springs  webbs druids and saddle 
os 1 s3-233 silencer [ new  but not looked at yet ] 
tnk 2 s3-121 2" flat tank filler caps one with glass other with glass and cross bar 
tnk 2 s3-189 off flat tank caps
tnk 1 s3-192 oil tank filter
tnk 2 s3-193 oil tank tubes  i.e. return and breather 
tnk 4 s3-194 old as above
trn 1 s3-102  21 tooth engine shock absorber complete
trn 1 s3-103  24 tooth engine shock absorber complete
trn 1 s3-104  24 tooth engine shock absorber no spring plate or nut 
trn 4 s3-105  2pair used rear chain adjusters 
trn 2 s3-139 clutch baskets later type
trn 3 s3-140 clutch/ kickstart ratchet drives  both bits 
trn 2 s3-166 kick start shafts with quadrants
trn 2 s3-167 kick start shafts with quadrants
trn 1 s3-174 mushroom primary chaincase spacer
trn 1 s3-182 new kick start quadrant 
trn 1 s3-199 pair 1926 / 7 primary chaincases comp no damage 
trn 1 s3-212 part clutch bridge actuator 
trn 1 s3-215 quadrant /shaft  kickstart 
trn 3 s3-232 sets of rear chaincase / gearbox cover plates Inner/ outer 
trn 5 s3-234 single spring clutch baskets, steel plates no cork plates 
trn 1 s3-235 single spring clutch dome 
whe 1 s3-108  divided axle rear hub complete sprocket brake plate shoes cam and arm 
whe 1 s3-109  half of above
whe 1 s3-137 chromed anker plate nut rear wheel 
whe 1 s3-176 wm1x21" painted ready to build
whe 2 s3-228 set divided axle  no cups   cones used goog condition 
whe 1 s3-229 set divided axle cups and cones N.O.S. 
whe 1 s3-245 westwood  wn1x21" painted rim 
whe 2 s3-246 worn divided axle spindles 




Note - not all items are priced

? = ask/discuss suitability/price

Please contact Les Hobbs (01902 380006 or for your spares requirements.

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