Rear Engine Plates 34372
  • Rear Engine Plates 34372

Rear Engine Plates 34372


Rear Engine Plates Laser cut from 5mm mild steel. SOLD IN PAIRS.

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Rear engine plates sunbeam number 34372

Engine - Models 3 1/2 sport.3 1/2 standard 1914/1921

Engine - Models 3 1/2 touring 1922

You can check the part numbers using the Sean Kelly parts list database at

The plates have been measured from originals using the digital readout on a milling machine. Nevertheless the accuracy is only as good as the original plates some of which may have been worn.  Therefore please take a look at the following.

Associated with each engine plate you will find a PDF diagram that if printed out at  100% with no scaling will make a decent template. Please use the template to check that the plate is correct for your machine. 

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Rear Engine Plates 34372

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