Spares & Tools

A range of re-manufactured and second-hand spares available to club members.

(Please note: The second-hand spares cannot be purchased via the shop. You must contact the spares team at

If you are not a club member and you place an order for spares, your order will be rejected.  However, if you are a Sunbeam enthusiast please consider joining and enjoy the benefits of club membership.


  • New Stock

    Spares are only available to Club members, For further details please check with

    Whilst the Club has attempted to ensure that re-manufactured spares are of a high quality this is not guaranteed. You are therefore strongly recommended to discuss your requirements with our spares team prior to placing your order. 

  • Used Parts

    The club has a variety of second hand parts and are available via the Spares Team. Please note that many of the spares are over 80 years old and may require refurbishment to make them serviceable. For details of any used spare please contact Paul Night in the Spares team with your membership number when condition and prices can be discussed. (

    You can view the current stock of used parts via this link.

  • Tools

    A small selection of tools for your Sunbeam

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